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The birth of modern advertising graphic

Author/s: Adolfo Conti

Director: Adolfo Conti

Lenght: 56 minutes


 Young and beautiful people.The product clearly on display along with its trademark. A witty ( or at least amusing ) presentation. These are three cornerstones of advertising that we encounter every day. They are not a recent invention, nor are they the fruit of scientific research or experiments of the artistic avant-garde.They date from over a century ago when a unique group of artistic talents in Germany initiated the golden age of commercial art and design. The life and soul of the group was Hans Sachs, the greatest collector of posters in the world: 12 500 pieces!

In 1905 the first modern advertising poster was created: bold eye-catching lettering with flat colors; simplified shapes and objects and the composition focused on a central object. Lucian Bernhard, Ludwig Hohlwein and Julius Klinger: these were the three artists who revolutionized the approach to advertising and left us a heritage of ideas that are still valid today.