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Looters of the Gods

Museums and illicit trade in Antiquities

Adolfo Conti
55 minutes

Looters of the Gods is a film about the indirect role played by many of the world’s most prestigious museums in the illicit trade of antiquities. It develops like a detective story structured on two narrative levels. The first is an inquiry that reconstructs and delves into all aspects of this illegal network, and sums up the current situation. For years, public prosecutor Paolo Ferri has been fighting the clandestine art market. He is the strategist in this worldwide battle and he reveals to us the most important secrets of his investigations. The second narrative level follows the investigation that recounts the story of the recovery of an ancient masterpiece, the Golden Wreath. The Golden Wreath is considered the most beautiful gem of classical Greek art. And the most valuable, as the tomb raiders who unearthed it in northern Greece fifteen years ago, sold it to the Getty for one and a half million dollars!


A co-production with ERT and SVT  in association with La Storia Siamo Noi, NRK, CyBC, TV3, RSI  with the participation of PLANETE.

With the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and

MIBAC – Ministero per I Beni e le Attività Culturali

produced by Amalia Carandini

associated producer Ilaria Sbarigia

director of photography and editing   Eugenio Persico

original music Fabrizio Romano

awards Prix Spéciale du Jury  at Festival international du film d’archéologie ( Nyon  2011 )

Premio Città di Rovereto - Archeologia Viva at Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico  (Rovereto 2011)

Prix Spéciale du Jury at Kineon - Festival international du Film Archéologique (Bruxelles 2011)