Il sogno di Scipione

For at least four hundred years the Romans were the undisputed masters of the Western world and came to rule an empire that stretched from Portugal to Mesopotamia, from Britain to Egypt. An empire that seemed immortal… The empire, but not its people, subject like everyone to the same eternal fate: death.

“Scipio’s Dream” is about the very important relationship between Power and Death through ten centuries of the history of the Roman Empire, from its foundation to the coming of Christians. Many important scholars participate and several beautiful monuments like Pantheon and Mausoleum of Augustus are explained for the first time from a new point of view.


Gallery: Scipione

director: Adolfo Conti

locations: Rome, Cerveteri ( RM )

year: 2003

lenght: 55 minuti



distribution’s countries: Italy, Holland, Greece

Festivala and awardse:  Platinum Award al World Festival nella categoria “Archaeological documentary” (Houston 2003)

Special award of the Jury al Festival du Film d’Archeologie (Nyon 2003)

Best script award at AGON – 5th International Meeting of Archaeological Film of the Mediterranean Area (Atene, 2004


scientific advisor: Andrea Carandini

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