He has sold more than  12 million copies… videogames, musicals, movies are inspired by his  most famous book. Michelangelo, Samuel Beckett, Karl Marx, Botticelli, Balzac…all of them loved him passionately . We are talking about Dante Alighieri and the Divine Comedy! Seven hundred years ago  Dante  narrated  an outstanding experience never lived by anyone before: a journey into the afterlife through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.   This is the matter of his most famous poem: the Divine Comedy where he describes astonishing visions never described by anyone before.  The eyes of Dante  aims to answer this question:   what  inspired his imagination?  Dante himself gives us the answer: his life. 

In the Divine Comedy he spreads out before our eyes a universe of images, places and events as well as situations personally witnessed and experienced:  the beauty of Italian art, the force of Nature,  the enchantment of Tuscan landscapes,  the dramatic and violent memories of his own life. Therefore  The eyes of Dante becomes an unconventional portrait of  this unique artist. 

Two narrative lines.  The first follows Dante as a historical figure. Dante himself leads us with his original words. So  we will retrace the salient events of his life: his encounter with Beatrice and her premature passing, the war experience, his tragic exile. The second narrative line will show the most important moments of his metaphysical journey. The characters that Dante meets will allow us to reveal his thoughts on the most important aspects of the human condition and the great themes regarding our existence.  Why do evil and pain exist? Are we free or chained by fate? Dante speaks to our present condition, writing the epic of Everyman in search of answers to the Ultimate Questions. After seven centuries  Dante’s journey through Hell and Paradise  continues to be cool.

director: Adolfo Conti

locations: Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Verucchio (RN), Ravenna, Firenze, Cesena, Pisa, Pietra di Bimantova (RE), Padova

Anno: 2021

Durata: 57′


a Doc Art ( Italy ) production

in coprodction with Leonardofilm (  Germany )

SWR  ( Germany )

in collaboration with ARTE  and  RAI5

with the support of Regione Emilia-Romagna ER Filmcommission 


Comitato Nazionale Dante 2021

MEDIA Creative Europe Program


written by Adolfo Conti

with Monica Piseddu,  Camilla Baldi,  Alberto Baraghini, Angelo Gallamini 

Franco Leo is the voice of Dante

scientific advisors Alberto Casadei,  Marco Collareta , Marco Santagata,  Adolfo Tura

cinematography, editing and color correction: Eugenio Persico

music: Pasquale Catalano

casting:  Vania Arcangeli 

executive producers: Vania Arcangeli Ilaria Sbarigia

set dressing and costumes: Iris Tercon

sound engineer: Andrea Pondini

camera operators: Tony Costagliola di Fiore,  Stefano Petti,  Adolfo Conti,  Eugenio Persico

drone operators:  Droneria Emiliana,  Massimo Tabai, Alessandro Vezzani

sounddesign and mix: Jan Maio

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